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Offering Puppet Shows, Theatrical Storytime Shows, 

Great for Birthday Parties, School assemblies, fairs, festivals and events.

 Glitter Tattoos, Animal Balloons & More.


We are offering our shows as video downloads. If you want a Private party or video call contact us for rates and info.

You are also welcome to e-mail us at:

Call Me at (503)312-5979 for instant help!


Dragon Theater uses independent contractors and are subject to availability.

Due to the nature of the pandemic any bookings of in person interaction wave any and all liability in connection with covid-19. The company, All contractors, guests, agents and individuals will make no claims as part of the booking agreement.  We will however respect any and all safety requirements set forth in the agreement to make things as safe as possible.

Event Management

We also offer event management and decorations.

Large Event Packages

Call for a custom package that fits your budget and event.


- Puppet or Character shows

- Photo Opp cutouts

- Event decorations

- Walk Around Entertainment

- Face painting

- Crafts

- Carnival Games

- Night time light shows

- themed 20 X 20 event tent

- themed sets and backdrops

- and more!

Party Locations

GET $25 off if you book a party

room at any of these locations!

Playdate PDX

Address: 1434 NW 17th Ave, Portland, OR, 97209


Phone: (503) 227-7529

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