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The Brave Scottish Princess


She shall tale scottish tales of bears, witches bows and arrows. A witch has transformed her mother into a bear and she must be brave enough to save her life from hunters. She transforms into a bear herself to trick the prince and teach him a lesson.

MORAL :  Hunting for sport is not right. Be carful what you wish upon others.

Book The Show Package! 

$350 (Additional Showings $150)

45 min show plus 15 min picture time! The Brave Scottish Princess telling her story in an interactive show featuring puppets, beautiful costumes and a magical transformation!

Or Book A Princess Character (503)312-5979

One Hour Party Package $200 (Additional hour $75)


-One Character

-Meet and Greet


-Picture Time


-one activity for up to 30 kids

Activities (Choose one per hour):

Face Painting

Glitter Tattoos (Water Proof)

Animal Balloons

Games with prizes

Themed Craft

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