Peter Pan and Tinker Bell Storytime:
Their story is about Neverland, pirates, Wendy and the lost boys. Captain Hook is out to stop the boy who never wants to grow up while Tinker Bell faces losing her best friend! Only their friendship can save their friends and each other. A highly interactive show for all ages

Jealousy ruins friendships and it's ok to have more than one best friend.

Show running time: 35-45 minutes
Prices: $275 (Private Party up to 35 kids) $350 (Public Showing)
Additional Showings in the same location, same day: $100
Additional Entertainment: + $75 each
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Great for princess birthday parties, reading programs, and events!
Based in Portland, Oregon. We travel anywhere

Theatrical Story Time Show (Lasts 1 hour): $275
(Includes both characters, free crowning ceremony and autographs.)

Book a Princess: $50 booking fee plus add at least one activity from below list.

Themed Craft Activity (Last 1 hour): + $75 each
- Flower Decorating
- Fairy wing making
- Pirate map making
- Foam Sword Making

Themed Game with prizes (Last 1 hour): + $75 each
- Neverland Treasure Hunt
- Catch a Fairy game

Other activities (Last 1 hour): + 75 each
- Animal Balloons (Click Here for more info)
- Face Painting (Click Here for more info)

Short activites (Include autographs): + $50 each
- Flower delivery ( A special bouquet for the birthday child with personal letter from the princess. A Flower for each child with )
- Telegram Sing & Dance Along
- Crowing Ceremony (Includes real metal tiara with birthday girls' favorite color)
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